EARN 86002EARN Organized a number of user conferences on networking. The first EARN Conference was organized in 1986 in Berlin thanks to a large contribution from IBM. This was the invitation to the reception hosted by IBM.

EARN 88001Afterward EARN organized a conference in 1988 near Izmir (Turkey) and in 1989 in Heraklion (Greece).
This is the diploma released to each speaker at the EARN 88 Conference.

In 1990 EARN agreed to organize a conference together with RARE in Killarney (Ireland) called JENC: Joint European Networking Conference, which was repeated in 1991 in Blois (France). In 1992 RARE decided to continue the organization of JENC independently from EARN, and so EARN organized a separate Network Services Conference (NSC92) in Pisa, in Warsaw (NSC93) and London (NSC94). At this page you will find the booklet of abstract of NSC 92.



In addition, EARN sponsored i’NET91 in Copenhagen, the firsts of a long running series of conferences organized by the Internet Society.