EARN, the European Academic and Research Network, started in 1984 as the first multi-vendor computer communications network in Europe – before the Internet became widely available.

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of EARN, the EARN 2024 conference will take place in 2024 , to mark the importance of EARN in the development of networking in the European region, to meet up with EARN colleagues and those interested in the history of computer networks, and to share ideas, lessons made, and memories.

The exact place and time of EARN 2024 will be communicated by early summer 2023 to give EARN 2024 participants ample time for their travel preparations. An EARN 2024 Conference Committee has been established in August 2022. It is evaluating at present different set-up options such as to hold EARN 2024 collocated with a major RIPE meeting happening in 2024 giving EARN 2024 attendants a chance to participate in the respective RIPE meetings and to learn even more about computer networking in Europe in the 21st century.

EARN 2024 will offer

  • Former EARN activists, colleagues and staff
  • Illustrious former EARN Presidents
  • Keynote talks and talks on computer networking history
  • Computer network and technology updates
  • Talks recounting how EARN has had an impact on national networking development, professional careers, and private lifes
  • Ample time to meet old friends and acquaintances, catch up and CELEBRATE

Are you willing to get more information about the event, to participate, and even to contribute as a speaker and/ or a sponsor?



  • Can we still ask you to forward this pre-announcement to former EARN colleagues you are still in contact with?
  • Thanks much!

We are looking forward to hear from you by June 30, 2023 and to finally meet you again at EARN 2024 – the 40th Anniversary Conference of EARN.