Title:      Minutes of EARN Board of Directors meeting number 22

Author(s):  P Bryant

Date:       1989/10/22

Committee:  Board of Directors


Revision:   1


Status:     Draft

Maintainer: P Bryant

Access:     Board of Directors




minutes of the meeting held October 19/20, 1989


PLACE:  Hotel Meridien, Lisbon, Portugal.


EARN DIRECTORS:  Pedro Amorim, Portugal

Paul Bryant, U.K., EARN General Secretary

Miguel Angel Campos, Spain

Avi Cohen, Israel, EARN Executive

Frode Greisen, Denmark, EARN President

Michael Hebgen, Germany, EARN Vice President

Thedi Hatt, Switzerland (deputy)

Jean-Claude Ipollito, EARN Treasurer

Dennis Jennings, Ireland, EARN Executive

Petter Kongshaug, Norway

David Lord, CERN

Oguz Manas, Turkey

Wilfried Maschtera, Austria (deputy)

Kees Neggers, Netherlands

Jean Nuyens, Belgium

Stelios Orphanoudakis, Greece

Arne Sundstrom, Sweden

Stefano Trumpy, Italy, EARN Executive


EARN STAFF:      Alain Auroux, Manager, Paris Office

Jerry Striplin, (DEC) Manager, EARN OSI operations



OBSERVERS:       Laura Abba, Italy                 Jose Barbera, IRIS, Spain

Harry Clasper, IBM (Europe)

Bob Cooper, JANET, UK

Rene Florizoone, Belgium

Eugenia Graca, Portugal

Nicholas Newman, CEC

Pierre Roy, Digital (Europe)

Martin Wilhelm, DFN, Germany


ABSENT:          Iceland, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Egypt, Finland,

and Yugoslavia.



22.1 Welcome


The observers were welcomed.


The President thanked Pedro Amorim for organising the Board meeting and the first class location selected. He also thanked DEC for providing the meeting banquet.



22.2 Minutes of last meeting and matters arising



22.2.1 The minutes of meeting 21 – BOD29 89 – were approved



22.2.2 Review of actions from meeting 21


All actions have been completed or were taken up in papers or in theappropriate sections of the minutes.



22.3 Presidents report                                   F Greisen


Noted – the presidents report – BOD42 89



22.4 Operations                                          M Hebgen



22.4.1 Operations report


Noted – the “EARN operations report” – BOD54 89



22.4.2 EARN Office


Noted – the “EARN office report” – BOD53 89


Noted – There are now 3 part time staff in Turkey active on EARN         projects in addition to the full time  EARN emplyee.


Resolved – To warmly thank EHEI in Paris for hosting the EARN office.



22.4.3 NOG activities


Noted – the “NOG meeting May 25-26 1989” – BOD46 89


Noted – a verbal report of the NOG meeting held in Amsterdam October 6,         1989.


Resolved – the LISTSERV directive proposed by the NOG was approved.            This will be published as a separate document – BOD60.89.


Resolved – to approve the NOG request to allow observers from BITNET            and not yet connected countries to attend NOG meetings. EARN            will provide no finance to such attendies.



22.4.4 SNA


Noted – the “EARN-SNA report” – BOD45 89 – and that a final report will         be provided to the Executive.



22.4.5 Traffic


Noted – the “Traffic report” – BOD39 89 – and that similar figures would         be provided at subsequent meetings.



22.4.6 Statistics analysis


Noted – the “EARN traffic and topology” – BOD40 89 – and that the         recommendations will be taken into account when topology changes         are proposed.



22.5 Development                                         D Jennings



22.5.1 OSI report


Noted -the “EARN OSI transition report – BOD55 89 – and a verbal report        on recent achievements.



22.5.2 OSI development plan


Approved – the “OSI development plan” – BOD36 89 – by 9 votes to 2 with            7 abstentions.


Noted – the “OSI development plan” contains a number of options which         cannot be resolved until further developments outside of EARNs         control take place. Thus the document will be updated and         developed as events unfold.



22.5.3 Other developments


Resolved – the Executive is asked to develop a long term strategy with            input from the Paper from Kees Neggers and other sources.            Board members are asked to comment on expected drafts            electronically to ensure that the paper has wide support            before being submitted for approval.



22.6 Liaison reports                                     F Greisen


Noted – the “Liaison reports” – BOD43 89



22.7 Finance                                             J C Ippolito



22.7.1 Accounts 1989


Noted – the “Budget update for 1989” – BOD47 89


Noted – the “1989 actual expenditure (end of August) and year end         forecast” – BOD48 89


Noted – the “Country contributions received (September 1st 1989)” –         BOD49 89



22.7.2 Budget 1990 and contributions


Approved – the “EARN proposed 1990 budget and country contributions” –             BOD50 89 – by 13 votes to 1 with 2 abstentions and 1 no-vote.


Noted – that the budget for the EARN manager will have to be increased                 to about 100 KECU as cost of employment had been underestimated.         There will be consequential savings to keep the total unchanged.         Some will come from removal of the need for space rental.



22.7.3 1991 contribution


Noted – the “Country contributions based on traffic” – BOD41 89 – and         that the model did not have universal approval but that the         Executive would provide a definitive proposal to the next         meeting based on this model augmented by “server compensation”         figures.



22.8 Users                                               S Trumpy



22.8.1 Technical forum


Noted – the report on technical forum – BOD58 89.



22.8.2 EARN 90


Approved – the arrangements for the Joint Networking Conference 1990 –            BOD56 89 – and a verbal update.



22.9 Policy                                              A Cohen



22.9.1 Policy report


Noted – the policy report – BOD57 89.



22.9.2 New countries


Noted – there were no new countries.



22.9.3 Late payments


Resolved – not to approve the “proposed action in the case of late            payment of contributions” – BOD38 89 – and to ask the            Executive to consider the matter further in the light of            comments.



22.9.4 Connection and disconnection


Approved – the “Operation procedures for the connection of a new            country” – BOD60 89 (note that this is the paper distributed            at the meeting which supersedes BOD37 89).


Resolved – to ask the Executive to bring forward proposals for the            connection of countries by alternative means such as ISDN,            PPSDN, dial-up, and IXI.



22.9.5 Actions for late payment


Approved – the “Operational procedures for implementing sanctions            against an EARN country member” – BOD52 89



22.9.6 EARN INFO Permanent Group


Approved – the “EARN INFO Permanent Group-Terms of reference”  – BOD51            89



22.10 Information/communications                         P Bryant



22.10.1 General Secretary’s report


Noted – the “Secretary General report” – BOD44 89



22.11  Papers for information


Noted – “EARN Charter” – BOD30 89


Noted –  “Organisation of technical work in EARN” – BOD31 89


Noted – “Proposal for EARN annual report” – BOD32 89


Noted – “EARN statistics “directive”” – BOD33 89



22.12  Date and place of next meeting


May 17/18, 1990, beginning mid day on May 17 and finishing at 18.00 on May 18 in Killarney, Ireland. This will follow the Joint Networking Conference 1990.